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Education and Awareness

EPC works to raise awareness regarding the unique history and value of the Copper River and Prince William Sound watersheds for people and wildlife, and to connect this awareness to national and global issues, through meetings and events, direct one-to-one outreach, newsletters and targeted distribution of informational materials.

We conduct educational forums for local and national grassroots audiences, enthusiasts, activists and high school and college age students. We engage audiences in learning the issues and working to address them through innovative solutions. We also encourage audiences to seek diversely informed perspectives, particularly when we are working with young people.

Speaking topics include social and environmental issues such as:
Indigenous rights
why conservation based economies are the future
social entrepreneurship
fishery issues (wild salmon vs. hatcheries and farming)
subsistence culture
renewable energy
the unresolved long-term impact of the Exxon Valdez oil spill
Shepherd Point proposed road and deep water port
Bering Coalfield preservation purchase opportunity

EPC founder Dune Lankard is an accomplished speaker and has presented at conferences, events, schools, and universities.