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CR Wild Salmon Forever


Preserve and defend the environment and promote its stewardship. 

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Sustainable Communities


Promote and catalyze renewable economies that incorporate appropriate technologies for sustainable communities.

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Preserve and protect traditional ways of life, practices and values tied to the lands and waters of the Prince William Sound and Copper River Watersheds.

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The programs are distinct and yet strongly interrelated and work together to advance EPC's mission and goals. EPC's approach to all of its programs is informed and directed by the values, ethics, traditional ways of knowing, and worldview of the original peoples of the Copper River watershed. That being said, the EPC sees and understands the value of critically thought-out partnerships and alliances where the best of the traditional and western worldviews and systems can be utilized to advance its work.

In this regard EPC offers values-focused programs designed to guide and partner with a broad array of constituents towards achieving EPC's ultimate goals.