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Nils Boisen | nils@redzone.org

Conservation Adviser & Outreach Consultant

Norway and Alaska

Nils Boisen is a M.Sc. graduate in Ecology and Natural Resource Management, with special focus on conservation research, reporting, and writing in international nature management issues. Originally from Washington State, Nils has 10 years in Norway, and has worked as EPC's conservation program manager in Alaska during 2010 and 2011. Since his return to Norway Nils has continued with EPC as a conservation adviser and outreach consultant. The important social aspects of monitoring and conserving the natural world have always interested him and set a tone in previous work. Nils' main passions are conservation of biodiversity, ecosystem services, and de-marginalizing subsistence communities through conserving and promoting a thriving and sustainable interaction between biodiversity and those livelihoods that are directly dependent upon it. He has focused mainly on issues in developing countries, and his thesis worked with subsistence households in a remote region of Tanzania, learning how they valued their natural resources relative to yearly fluctuations in hunger. We are excited to have Nils on-board with the depth of insight and magnitude of energy he contributes to EPC's work.