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Eyak Preservation Council's tangible accomplishments over the years have resulted in the designation of three primary program areas, which are distinct and yet strongly interrelated in advancing our campaigns, projects and activities. We remain deeply committed and intend to grow as an organization, calling on the wisdom, support, and guidance of the Indigenous peoples of the Copper River watershed. 

Social and environmental justice is sorely overlooked and often misunderstood. The Eyak Preservation Council has been the groundbreaking organization in the Copper River and Prince William Sound watersheds that understands and strives for this. This page presents an overview of what we are currently doing. Learn more about our history and philosophy here.

Copper River Wild Salmon Forever


Preserve and defend the environment and promote its stewardship. 


• Preserve wild salmon in the Copper River watershed.

• Lead the efforts to successfully secure the coal rights to Bering River Coal so they will never be mined.

• Ensure an environmentally feasible oil spill response site.

• Maintain vigilance and take all necessary action with regard to imminent and emergent environmental threats tothe Copper River Watershed and Prince William Sound, including Hartney Bay, on an annual basis as outlined in detailed and annually updated strategic plans for each key area.

• Provide experiential awareness to people every year about the wild intact ecosystem of our Copper River & PrinceWilliam Sound region of concern to promote local, regional and national stewardship, on an annual basis.

Sustainable Communities


Promote and catalyze renewable economies that incorporate appropriate technologies for sustainable communities.


• To implement and demonstrate efficient, clean and renewable energy technologies to the best of our ability in EPC facilities and equipment used, and communicate results to all communities in Copper River & Prince William Sound.

• To attend gatherings, and whenever possible assist in the development of think-tank panels of pioneering minds from the community, region, the Nations, and beyond, to address social, cultural, environmental, and economic aspects of sustainable development uniquely pertaining to rural communities, especially those dependant on a wild food source, such as salmon, and promote replicable models for communities to utilize and tailor for their regions.

• To speak up regarding the relationship between sustainable solutions and conservation, wherever possible and appropriate.

• To promote sustainable and economic business and solutions in our region of focus by hosting, EPC events and activities. 




Preserve and protect traditional ways of life, practices and values tied to the lands and waters of the Prince William Sound and Copper River Watersheds. 


• To foster, support and encourage Indigenous Peoples' self-determination and empowerment.

• To continue with the Eyak language work.

• To establish & implement a youth development and mentorship program, in collaboration with local elders, which fosters community health and well-being.

• To continue with our outreach, networking, and extending philosophical support to Indigenous cultures

Bering River coalfield conservation opportunity

Permanent retirement of Bering River coal patents into the Native Conservancy land trust, and immediately move to retire the development rights of the trees in that region. 



Shepard Point Deep Water Port-NO / Oil Spill Response- YES

An accessible and effective rapid oil spill rapid response facility in an environmentally and economically sound and safe location. NOT a deep water port for natural resource extraction.




Copper River Tribal Watershed Council 

Facilitate the unification of all the 23+ tribes along the 300-mile Copper River for the specific purpose of meeting modern day challenges facing the watershed uniquely through indigenous environmental stewardship and empowerment of traditional knowledge.



Major Projects and Activities

Copper River Wilderness Rafting


Education and Awareness

Cultural Collaboration & Networking

Cordova Community Cold Storage

The Copper River Wild Salmon Company

Green Commercial Fishing Practices

Wild Salmon Potlatch

Hosting Facilities

Eyak Language Revitalization



Implementation and Who’s Doing What

EPC has a track record of preservation victories and tools for success. EPC's focus has expanded as we reach for achieving our ultimate goals and implementing far-reaching solutions. Our founders and board realize increased capacity is critical in order for us to implement our objectives and reach our goals. In that regard, the Executive Director is taking aggressive steps for capacity building and planning activities for 2012 and 2013, as the EPC realizes it requires targeted staff and a detailed staffing plan. 

This focus is already bringing results. EPC is very thankful to have a lot of talent and an active advisory board, as well as volunteers that help us on a consistent basis. Please review the EPC Team page section for more information and bios.