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"Working together, our combined hearts and voices can save the last wild places on Earth and the freedoms that sustain us as a free thinking People"
-Dune Lankard, EPC Founder



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Redzone - Virtual Home of Eyak Preservation Council

The Eyak Preservation Council (EPC) Redzone network name was chosen shortly after the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill because we wanted to highlight endangered wild red (sockeye) salmon, Indigenous people and sacred places in peril. Redzone is the virtual home to Chinook, Sockeye, Coho, Chum and Pink salmon that have been part of the Eyak people's way of life on the Copper River Delta and in eastern Prince William Sound for over 3,500 years, and counting. Our still intact thriving ecosystem, with its wild salmon returning annually to spawn in their millions, is home to eagle, bear, beaver, wolves, moose and millions of migratory shorebirds and waterfowl.

Our mission: to honor Eyak Hertiage and to conserve wild salmon culture and habitat through education, awareness and the promotion of sustainable lifeways for all peoples. 

EPC's work ensures that the salmon will continue to return to their birthplace and nurture the ecosystems of which they are a fundamentally important species. Also, that the community of local subsistence and commercial fishers in the region will continue to flourish. Essential to local economic sustainability is bioregional conservation, and our little corner of the world is a microcosm baseline model for the planet. This is one of the last wild places on planet earth where we still have a chance to get it right, by leaving it alone- wild and thriving. Please use this site to investigate and propagate our message. Learn more

Friday, August 22rd 2014 

The Wild and Scenic Film Festival Comes to Cordova! 


Please visit the webpage for more details.

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Whenever you shop online with Amazon.com, you could be sharing a small percentage of what you pay for your items with the us! Just click the box or go online and select the Eyak Preservation Council as the charity to which you wish to donate. Thank you!


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Fred Meyer is donating $2.5 million per year to non-profits in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, based on where their customers tell them to give. Here’s how the program works:

  • Sign up for the Community Rewards program by linking your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to Eyak Preservation Council at www.fredmeyer.com/communityrewards. You can search for us by our name or by our non-profit number 90223.
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June 18th 2014 

Shepard Point Deepwater Port and Connecting Road Project Communtity Meeting

Public Meeting Report

EPC Founder Dune Lankard's Keynote Speech in 2008 at Bioneers

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